Suppression System

Kitchen/ Server Rooms / Storage Units

Detection Systems

Because safety is our priority, we have detection systems to help warn people of a possible fire or smoke danger through audio and visual systems

Sprinkler Systems

We install sprinkler systems in areas or rooms that can have exposure to fire

Hydrants and Hose Reels

It is vital for any building to have emergency water supply in case of a fire danger and we install fire hydrants and hose reels in order to aid in extinguishing a fire

Voice Evacuation Systems

In case of evacuation we have a voice message system to assist in evacuation in an orderly manner in assembly and/or public areas

Refuge Intercom Systems

We install refuge intercom systems where, during or after an emergency a refugee can immediately make contact with an operator

Aspiration Fire Systems

This system draws air through pipes in a building to detect smoke

Smoke Ventilation

Smoke ventilation systems remove smoke from a building allowing escape on lower level escape routes and minimising damage of smoke the building may sustain

Fire Proofing/Sealant

We seal openings and joints of walls and floors to reduce the fire that can reach dangerous cables or to reduce the further damage fire and smoke can have on a building

Service Of Fire Systems

It is important to maintain and service fire systems in order to ensure that they still work in case an emergency hits, at Imperium we make sure your systems works perfectly in case emergency may arise

Portable Handheld equipment

We sell handheld equipment like fire extinguishers of all classes for all types of emergencies

Gas Detection

Our gas systems can detect combustible, flammable, toxic gases that may pose a threat to people and a building

Fire Rational Designs

We can design a detailed plan for fire safety and prevention for buildings, places of assembly, public areas, schools etc.